Screen printing, paint

Screenprinting machine Micromat

Screenprinting machine Micromat , Print format: 500 x 700 mm

Price: 800,- € from the location


Candle filter for paint

Candle filter für paint Q875

25 piece

Price: 1,50- € /piece from the location

Stielow humidifier

Stielow humidifier Jet/2 Atomization power 0,16 - 8 l water / h. designed for room sizes of up to 1,000 m³ volume.

Price: 500,- € from the location

Heraeus drying oven

Heraeus drying oven with runnig rail

Temperature 250°C

Price: 1.000,- € from the location

UV dryer Beltron

UV-dryer Beltron 60/II

with 2 new lamps and a conveyor belt

2 lamps, for drying and polymerisation of UV-curing screen printing inks and UV adhessives,

laminated materials, plastic, paper, glass, metals and other printing materials

in a continuous process.


Price: 1.550,- € from the location

Spare parts for Circuit Automation DP 1500

Spare parts for Circuit Automation DP 1500 2 Rakelmotore Nr. 0289 /Model: GM 02509035 2 Shuttelmotore Nr. 0290/ Model: C42D17FK1C

Price: 4.000,- € from the location

Flow Box for clean room

Flow Box for clean room

Price: 500,- € from the location

UV-Dryer Colight

UV-Dryer Colight 24, 610 mm, two lamps/ above

Price: 1.500,- € from the location


Air washer Venta

Air washer Venta L 25/ new

without filter mats, Water is the filter

air cleaner up to 10µm particles

Price: 150,- € from the location

Screenprinting machine SVECIA SSPC

Screenprinting machine SVECIA SSPC Typ: SSPC, Print format: 1000 x 800 mm Condition: good

Price: 2.500,- € from the location

Vötsch oven

Vötsch box-oven VII 75/125, plus  2 transport cars

Price: 1.000,- € from the location

Imagesetter Cromolux screen printing

Imagesetter Cromolux for screen printing

Price: 300,- € from location

MASS lacquer coating head

MASS lacquer coating head

Price: 250 ,- € from the location