Paustian PCB

Machinery and production equipment for the PCB manufacturing and metal-etching technique

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spare parts for ORC - HMW 680

Spare parts for ORC Imagesetter HMW 680

Price: 1.500,- € from the location


Dosing pump ALLDOS

Dosing pump ALLDOS 208-3. 0-1000


Price: 100,- € from the location


SEW Cone Gear Motor for bath movement

SEW Cone Gear Motor for bath movement  SEW-EURODRIVE K66 (Schlötter plating)

with brake V 230

Price: 300,- € from the location


SEW front gear motor for Galv. transport converter

SEW front gear Motor for plating transport converter (Schlötter plating)

with brake: 220V∼A, Nm5

Price: 300,- € from the location


Sondermann pump

Sondermann centrifigal pump RM-PP-5/50-15

Price: 200,- € / piece from the location

Laboratory bath heater, glass

3 Laboratory bath heater, glass

230V, 500W

Price: 50,- € from the location


Optical proximity switch fiber optics

Optical proximity switsch fiber optics RS NEW

Typ: 636 - 479 (E263), 2 x 1,0 mm right angle through scan fibre

Price: 40,- € from the location

Osmosis system EUROTEC

Osmosis system EUROWATER A/S, Typ RO

Price: 2.500,- € / piece from the location

Temperature measuring device

Temperatur measuring device testo 925

Price: 40,- € from location

Small microscope

Small Microscope with light 

Price: 100,- € from the location

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